Melbourne Cup Horse Proverbs & Sayings


  • If you’re going too fast, then you’re told to….
  • A small town where very little happens is sometimes referred to as…..
  • A competition in which one particular person or team is very likely to win because they seem much better than the other people competing is called…..
  • If you want to get somewhere in a hurry, you might tell someone not to……
  • Someone or something that attacks the group or organization it belongs to known as a…..
  • Trying to stop something bad happening when it has already happened and the situation cannot be changed is sometimes referred to as…….
  • If you’re doing things in the wrong order, someone might advise you not to….
  • If you act as if you are better or clever than someone else might be told not to…..
  • If you eat large amount of food, you are said to….
  • If you treat someone who gives you gift badly, then you are…….
  • If you are physically very strong, then someone might refer to you as being…….
  • When you get information from the person most directly involved, then you’re getting it….
  • When you insist on talking about something that no one is interested in, or that has already been thoroughly discussed, you are said to be……..
  • When someone is determine to remain with something, it is said that……..
  • If you present someone with an opportunity, but they don’t take advantage of it, you might remark……
  • When you want to imply that it is important to choose suitable people for particular activities because everyone has different skills, you might say……….

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